Annual cavers meeting, May 13-16

The annual meeting of SSF, the Swedish Speleological Society will take place in Gyttorp, with visits to Lockgruvan, local caves and the surrounding historic caves, see

First moon landing celebrated 40 years

The 40th anniversary of this milestone for mankind was celebrated on the 20/7 by inaugurating the Moon-mine project. Some photos, a video and two of the speaches are linked from the program (in Swedish).

The media coverage was excellent with some highlights given below:

Radio interview (Swedish)

News article from Nerikes Allehanda, here in Karlskogakuriren.(Swedish)

TV-coverage in Tvärsnytt(Swedish)

TV-coverage, TV4 (Swedish)

Moon-Mine on Facebook

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The Moon-Mine Project

The Moon-Mine Project is a step in creating what the Moon-ISRU consortium has been planning since 1994: A demonstration facility to show that it is possible to create a self-sufficient human community on the moon.

See the draft plans for a very rough idea sketch on Storgruvan, Pershyttan.





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